Baby Names starting with "S"

Baby names starting with S

Filipino Names on top of the List









Sampaguita girl Filipino the Philippine national flower
Saar boy Hebrew storm
Saber boy French sword
Sabina girl Latin Sabine woman
Sada girl Japanese pure one
Sade girl African honor brings a crown
Saeed boy Arabic fortunate, auspicious
Safra girl Arabic pure
Safara girl African fire
Sage both English herb or prophet
Sagittarius girl Latin the archer
Sahara girl Arabic dawn
Saku both Japanese remembrance of the Lord
Salome girl Hebrew welcome, peace
Salvador boy Spanish savior
Salvatore boy Italian savior
Sam both English short for Samantha or Samuel
Samantha girl American  
Samiya girl Sanskrit high, elevated
Sammy both English diminutive form of Samuel, Samantha
Samson boy Hebrew sun or service
Samuel boy Hebrew his name id God
Samuru boy Japanese his name is God
Sancho boy Spanish holy, saint
Sanders boy English son of Alexander
Sandra girl English defender of men
Sanjay boy Sanskrit victory
Sanjaya boy Sanskrit winner, victor
Sanjiv boy Sanskrit to live together
Sanna girl Scandinavian lily fower
Santa both Italian saint, holy
Santana both Spanish holy
Sara, Sarah girl Hebrew princess
Sarina girl Hebrew princess, one who laughs
Sarki both African chief
Sasha girl Russian diminutive form of Alexander
Sasuke boy Japanese help, assistance
Satin both English smooth and shiny cloth
Saturday both American born on a Saturday
Saturn boy Latin Roman god of agriculture
Saul boy Hebrew borrowed
Savanna, Savannah girl Spanish open, plain
Savarna girl Sanskrit like God
Sawyer both English woodcutter
Scarlett girl English red
Scorpio both Latin the scorpion
Scot, Scott boy English from Scotland
Sean both Celtic God is gracious
Seanna girl American God is gracious
Season girl Latin planting and growing
Seath both Celtic wolfish
Sebastian boy Greek venerable
Sebastien boy French venerable
Seiko both Japanese force, truth
Selina girl English moon
September both American born in the month of September
Serena girl Latin calm, serene
Serendipity girl American fateful meeting
Serenity girl English peaceful disposition
Serge boy English servant
Sergei boy Russian servant
Sergio boy Italian servant
Seth boy Hebrew appointed
Seven both American the number seven
Severino boy Latin severe
Shadow both English shade from the sun
Shael boy Hebrew to inquire
Shahan boy Persian kings
Shaina girl American God is gracious
Shakil boy Arabic handsome
Shakila girl Arabic beautiful
Shakina girl African beautiful one
Shakir boy Arabic thankful
Shalom both Hebrew peace
Shaman boy Native American holy man
Shane both Irish God is gracious
Shannon both Irish old
Shantell girl American form of Chantal
Shanti girl Sanskrit peace, calm
Shaquille boy American handsome
Shari girl Hebrew a flat clearing
Sharif boy Arabic noble,  honorable
Sharla girl American diminutive form of Charlotte
Sharlene girl American free
Sharon, Sharona girl Hebrew a flat clearing
Shasa girl African fresh water
Shaun, Shawn boy English God is gracious
Shaw boy English dweller by the woods
Shawdi girl Persian joy
Sheela girl Sanskrit modesty, good character
Sheena girl Scottish God is gracious
Sheila, Shiela girl Irish heaven
Shelby both English from the town in the hollow
Sheldon boy English town in the valley
Shell girl American crustacean covering
Shelley, Shelly girl English from the sloping field
Shepherd boy English shepherd
Sheridan girl Irish to seek
Sherlock boy English fair haired
Sherman boy English cloth cutter
Sherri, Sherry girl American darling
Sherwood boy English from the shire wood
Sheva girl Hebrew oath, promise
Shirley girl English bright meadow
Shiva girl Persian beauty
Sibyl girl Latin seer
Sid, Sidney boy French contraction of St. Denys
Sienna girl Italian reddish brown
Sigmund boy German victorious protector
Sigourney both Scandinavian the conqueror
Silvana girl Latin forest
Silver boy English a metal
Simba boy African lion
Simeon, Simon boy Greek, Hebrew to be heard
Simone girl French to be heard
Sinclair boy English from St. Clair, France
Socorro girl Spanish succor, help
Socrates boy Greek whole rule
Sofer boy Hebrew writer
Sofia girl Spanish wisdom
Sol both Spanish sun
Solana girl Latin wind form the east
Solidad girl Spanish solitude
Soleil girl French sun
Solomon boy Hebrew peace
Sonia girl Slavic wisdom
Sonja girl Scandinavian wisdom
Sonny boy American our son
Sonora girl Spanish pleasant surrounding
Sophia, Sophie girl Greek, French wisdom
Soraya girl Arabic rich
Soren boy Scandinavian severe
Spencer both English butler, steward
Spike boy American long nail
Stacy both American Resurrection
Stanley boy English from the stony field
Star both American star
Stefan boy German crown
Stefanie girl German crown
Stella girl Latin star
Stephan, Steven boy Greek crown
Stephanie girl French crown
Stephen boy Greek crown
Steve boy English short for Stephen
Stewart, Stuart boy Scottish steward for a castle or estate
Stillman boy English fisherman
Sugar girl American crystal sugar
Sunday both American born on a Sunday
Sunshine girl English rays of the sun
Susan girl Hebrew lily
Susane, Suzanne girl French lily
Suzette girl French diminutive form of Susan
Suzy girl English diminutive form of Susan
Sybil girl Greek prophetess
Sydney girl French contraction of St. Denys
Sylvana girl Latin of the forest
Sylvester boy English from the forest
Sylvia girl Latin forest
Symphony girl American musical piece for the orchestra
Synclair boy English from St. Clair in France