Baby names starting with letter M

Baby names starting with M

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handsome, manly
Maganda girl Filipino beautiful
Mahal girl Filipino-Arabic love, expensive
Malaya girl Filipino free
Malea / Maleah girl Filipino a form of Malaya
Marikit girl Filipino beautiful
Modesto boy Filipino modest
Mutia girl Filipino nymph
Manila both Sanskrit Jewel of a son
Mabel girl English loveable
Macarena girl Spanish blessed
Macario boy Spanish happy
Madeline, Madelyn girl English woman from Magdala
Magan, Maggie both Greek, English pearl
Magnolia girl French the flower magnolia
Mandy boy Latin loveable
Manny boy American God is with us
Manolo, Manuel boy Spanish God is with us
Manuela girl Hebrew God is with us
Marc, Mark boy French, Latin warlike
Marcel, Marcelino boy French, Spanish young warrior
Marcella girl Latin young warrior
March both English the month of March
Marco boy Italian warlike
Marcos boy Portuguese of mars
Marcus boy Latin warlike
Margaret, Margie, Marjorie girl English pearl
Margarita girl Spanish pearl
Margaux, Margot girl French pearl
Mari, Mary girl Hebrew sea of bitterness
Maria girl Latin sea of bitterness
Mariah girl American sea of bitterness
Marian, Mariana girl English, Spanish sea of bitterness
Marianne, Marie girl French sea of bitterness
Mariano boy Italian warlike
Maribel girl Spanish combo of Maria and Isabel
Maribeth girl American combo of Maria and Elizabeth
Mariel, Marissa girl English sea of bitterness
Marigold girl English yellow flower
Marilyn girl American combo of Mary and Lynn
Marin, Marinel both Latin of the sea
Marina, Maris girl Latin of the sea
Marlene girl German combo of Mary & Magdalene
Marlon boy American warlike
Marsha girl American warlike
Marshall boy French horse keeper
Martha girl Hebrew lady
Martin, Marty boy Latin servant of Mars, the god of war
Martina, Martine girl Latin, French servant of Mars, the god of war
Marvin boy English great lord
Mathilda, Matilda girl German, English battle might
Matias both Spanish gift of God
Matthew boy English gift of God
Maude girl French battle might
Maureen girl Irish sea of bitterness
Maurice boy French dark skinned
Mauricio boy Spanish dark skinned, moor
Max, Maximilian, Maximus boy Latin greatest
Maxima, Maxime girl Latin, French greatest
Maximo, Maximos boy Spanish, Greek greatest
Maxim boy Russian greatest
May girl English goddess Maia
Maya girl English a form of May or Maia
Maylin girl Chinese beautiful jade
Maynard boy English brave strength
Megan girl Welsh pearl
Meir boy Hebrew one who shines
Melanie girl Greek black
Melchor boy Hebrew God is my light
Melodie girl French song, melody
Melvin boy English gentle lord
Mendel boy German little man
Mercedes girl Spanish merciful
Mercy girl English compassion
Merric, Merrick boy English famed rule
Mervin boy Welsh great lord
Mia girl Scandinavian sea of bitterness
Michael, Michel boy Hebrew, French who is like God?
Michaela girl English who is like God?
Michelangelo boy Italian archangel Michael
Michele, Michelle girl French who is like God?
Midori girl Japanese green
Miguel boy Spanish who is like God?
Mikel, Mitch boy American who is like God?
Mikhail, Mikkel boy Russian, German who is like God?
Mila girl Slavic people's favor
Milagros girl Spanish miracle
Mildred girl English mild strength
Miles, Milo boy Latin, English soldier
Mina, Minda, Mindy girl American combo of Mel and Linda
Minerva girl Latin goddess of wisdom
Mio boy Spanish mine
Miranda girl Latin Admirable
Miriam girl Hebrew sea of bitterness
Modesto boy Italian modest
Modesty girl American without conceit
Moesha girl American drawn out of the water
Mohammed boy Arabic praised
Mohan boy Sanskrit attractive
Moises boy French born of
Monique girl French advisor
Morgan boy Welsh great circle
Moses boy Egyptian born of a god
Moshe boy Hebrew drawn out of the water
Moss boy English born of a god
Muhammad boy Arabic praised
Mulan girl Chinese wood orchid
Myra girl English admirable
Myrna girl Irish high-spirited
Myron boy Greek myrrh
Mystery girl English unexplained